Hello Catch Up with Project Life!

Hello my fellow Project-Lifers! I am so beyond thrilled to be sharing my latest collaborative class at Big Picture Classes called Catch Up with Project Life!

It is a 3 week online class taught by me, Megan Anderson and Trisha Harrison. It starts October 30th but registration is open now so you can get started on the first three challenges. Cost is only $30 for some amazing content, prizes and a lot more!

It is all about MAKING PROGRESS and HAVING FUN with filling in gaps or "catching up" with our Project Life. 

It is about joining together as a community to inspire and uplift one another. 

It is about letting go of guilt and getting more done.

It is about welcoming beginners and helping seasoned Project Lifers find their groove.

Are you excited yet?

Below are some peeks at some of the layouts I have created for this class. I just counted the pages I have created and I am blown away. For this chronically behind, gap-laden Project Lifer, I have created or filled in pretty big gaps for over 40 pages and caught up on over three months of Project Life, all while staying somewhat current. It's seriously cool. I am more motivated than ever to keep going back and start filling in the smaller gaps. 

And yet…I have never technically "finished" a Project Life album. 

Why would I share that with you when I am supposed to be "an expert?" (who knows what that really means anyways.) But seriously, I share that because I am just like you. I am a busy working mom. I love taking photos and memory keeping. I dabble in the online scrapbooking world. I love to start projects. I really do. I just have a hard time finishing them!

I share that because when my family looks at my albums, they focus on all that I have created. The memories and moments that are captured. Not that my use of visual triangles or rounded versus squared corners. They are just happy to see photos and read stories. And yes, I'm happy my daughter loves  stickers and embellishments too. But that's beside the point.

The point is: memory keeping with Project Life is awesome! But like with any attempt at chronological documentation, it is very easy to "fall behind" and have gaps in our albums. 

What is the class NOT about?

This class is not about seeing who has the most gaps. 

This is not about seeing who is the best at keeping up. 

This class is not about saying you have to do it our way. 

This class is not a race or a competition to see who can create the most layouts. 

It is about learning techniques and principles to help you fill in gaps and possibly keep current while doing so. 

The main idea is that we have created 12 challenges, each with lots of instruction including video presentations, video tutorials, pdf handouts and bonus worksheets. These 12 challenges are designed around some of the main "reasons why" people fall behind or have gaps. And the fun thing: we have a prize for each challenge! So even more motivation to complete the challenges!

We also have bonus collaborative handouts tackling some other areas where people may struggle: title pages, memorabilia and how to handle those "extra projects" like Week in the Life™ or December Daily™.

As if that isn't enough, there will be emails throughout the week to help keep you motivated and inspired, including some printables.

There will be a gallery and message boards + live video chats with the instructors.

Yes, it's a lot! But wait, there's more! (insert infomercial voice here!)

Are you a beginner? We have you covered! We have tips for beginners as well as those who have been working on Project Life for a while. 

Are you current in your Project Life? We have tips and motivation for you as well with photo and journaling prompts to help inspire even more life documentation for the three weeks of class. Plus, you will be learning principles to help you as you move forward.

And finally, we are going to be finishing the class with a big Catch Up with Project Life Party! A full 12 hours for us to play together with additional inspiration from us as well as some very special guests to help you really bust out and finish your pages for the challenges.

Needless to say, this class has been a labor of love. We really wanted to create something that would be fun + inspirational + focus on getting more done. We are not perfect. This class is likely not perfect. But I think it's pretty darn good and I really hope you will join us.

So here are a few of my sneaks and you can click here to find out more about the class and sign up. (I have a coupon code below as well.)

Big Hint: if you sign up now, you can get started on our first 3 challenges in pre class. That's right! It's like getting an extra week of class and it will give you time to figure out what you want to work on and get ready for the rest of the class.


First up: one big tip. If you are going to be working on pages from various years, I highly recommend grabbing an extra album if you have one available. It really helped me keep focused just on the layouts I wanted to work on and it was super motivating to see this album fill up. The album I used is this one: this really fun black and white striped album from the  Heidi Swapp Project Life edition. You can find that here or at your local Michael's store.

Seriously, this album is almost full now!

Have big gaps? I had two big gaps in my 2013 album. Seriously, this was what my October and November 2013 looked like when I started.

And here are some sneaks of the finished pages.

And yes, those are sneak peeks of pages created using the newly released Project Life® App!! Check out more information about that from Becky Higgins here.

Do you have smaller areas to fill in? We have ideas for that too.

I fell behind with my attempt to do a photo a day for December Daily™ in December of 2012. I was able to complete the month following the principles in class and I have ideas on how to finish that year's December Daily™ too!

Are you excited yet? Okay, so what are you waiting for!! Just go here and check out more about the class and get registered! We are so excited to help you get started catching up.

So just say "YES!" to both donuts for dinner and having more fun playing catch up with your Project Life! We are so thrilled to have you join us!!

And for your reward for making it through this post: You can use the coupon code: teacherspet for $5 off the price of $30. (note that the code is good through September and cannot be combined with other offers like student rewards.)

For more information on Project Life® by Becky Higgins, click here. To sign up for the class click here.

please note: links are affiliate links and do not cost you any more, but I will receive a small compensation if you purchase the class through my links. Thank you so much for your support and I am so excited for class to start! If you need any help before class, please email me at annetteharing@yahoo.com or tag me on Instagram user name: annetteharing. See you in class!


And the winners are

And the winner of the 3000 follower giveaway is: 


And the winner of Quizapalooza at Big Picture Classes is:


Congrats to you both!! And thanks to everyone who entered. Hope you will join us in Quizapalooza starting this week! And if you haven't checked out 30 Lists yet, do so! It's such a fun little project and a great way to get inspired and get out of any creative slump. 


3000 Instagram follower thank you giveaway | 30 Lists Inspiration

Hi everyone! I've been gathering some fun supplies to share for my first "Thank You Giveaway"

What better way to celebrate 3000 followers on Instagram than a 30 Lists inspired giveaway? In July I noticed I was pretty close to 3000 and I started thinking about what might be a fun giveaway.  Something to do with Project Life? Create a mini kit to giveaway? Of course you may know I love doing both of those things.

But something else I love is this wonderfully simple side project. 30 Lists. If you haven't heard about it, you can click here to find out all about it. The best part? Only $10. And you get lots of inspiration and a wonderful community of listers.

I did my first little list + photo journal in September 2012. I was pretty burned out with Project Life at the time, struggling to find my way with that, and I just wanted something different. I had seen people posting about it on Instagram the spring before then, so when I saw it being offered again, I just had to try it.

So I went to Barnes and Noble and grabbed a Moleskine kraft journal with grid paper (my fave) and started listing. I had recently found a Polaroid app on my iMac and I just thought that would be so cool to have a photo representing the list as well. Simple additions: washi tape, a few embellishments, stamps for the dates and numbers and a new favorite pen. I typed up the list titles and printed them out, trimmed and added them to the lists. Simple and inspiring for me at a time when I needed it. I loved it.

Funny thing is, it is the most popular post on my blog! Which is pretty cool.

So, if you like listing and you like little journals, this giveaway is for you! You could also use the journal for anything from an inspiration journal, a to-do list or something else entirely. But seriously, this notebook is so cute you will want it for something special.

The notebook is a hand-stitched Moleskine from the fabulous Elizabeth Rosemond. I met her through Instagram and have had the great pleasure of meeting her in person! She is truly wonderful and truly talented. The next version of 30 Lists I used a very similar version as the one I am giving away. (yes, I still need to blog that one.) :)

 Here's a look at what I'm including:

- custom handstitched Moleskine by Elizabeth Rosemond. This one is for the circles in mint green, white and metallic gold. It is beautiful. Here is a close up of the stitching:

- also including a hand stitched "2014" tag in mint by Elizabeth as well. You can see it in the glassine bag ready to ship to the winner. I have my example of how I used it below. Again, it is so beautiful in person. You can find out more about Elizabeth on her blog here and her Etsy shop here. Follow her on Instagram here.

-- a gold doily from a Studio Calico kit + some gold sequins from Studio Calico. (similar doily can be found here; also note it is not a full pack of sequins. I will also likely throw in a few other random embellishments as well.)

-- For the washi tape: I've included a really cute custom washi tape sampler from Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd @dansmoncrane on Instagram. This is one of the coolest ideas for crafting on the go. I always include one of these in my travel scrapbooking kits. And the tapes are really lovely. You can find more about Vanessa on her blog here and her Etsy shop here. Follow her on Instagram here.

--For the photos, this round I am using this cool service called Origrami. It's a really fun way to include Instagrams. You will get a $30 gift certificate to use for any project you want. They have square print and Polaroid / Retro versions as well. Both will fit the Moleskine beautifully. Or just use them for another project. The choice is yours! You can find out more about them here. (note you can only order from your Instagram account; if you win this and don't use Instagram or would like another option, we can work something out. Also note the photos are from my personal stash and are not included.)

-- to stamp the dates: a cute roller date stamp with phrases from Dear Lizzy. You can see it here. I like this one because it has the days of the week on it as well as being super cute.

Here is a look at how I used a similar journal for spring 2013 round of 30 Lists.

Some tips on stamping in this Moleskine: the papers are archival but they are thin. I use chalk inks primarily. Dye inks or pigment inks tend to bleed through too much. Note there are plenty of pages in the journal and the last several are perforated so you could tear a page out and practice to see if your inks or pens bleed through too much for your liking.

As you can see, the Color Theory ink bleeds through just a bit. Other inks I have tried bleed through a lot more. I recommend playing around on one of the extra pages to see what works for you.

Here is one more look at the contents of the giveaway. I do hope you enjoy it if you win or have fun doing something similar. If you do, I would love to see it!

Giveaway details:

--Leave a comment below or on my Instagram giveaway picture. You can have additional entries by tagging a friend or reposting the photo and tagging it #annetteharinggiveaway

--Since you can get additional entries on Instagram I would like to give more options here as well: so for additional entries here, if you tweet this or tag on Pinterest, Facebook, etc, just leave a comment and a link where you shared it.

--Giveaway is open to internationals.

--Giveaway will close tomorrow evening: Sunday September 14, 2014.

Good luck and thank you again for all your patience and support!! xoxo

note: 30 lists was not included because I am so late getting this giveaway posted! Better late than never! But you can still play along with this round of 30 Lists if you choose, or download their pack of past lists or wait for next round which will be next March.

I hope to be posting a look at how I am playing along this round soon. I am loving it. Really really.

-----------Giveaway now closed. Thanks for your support and encouragement!-----------------------------


Like Quizzes? Check out this Giveaway for Quizapalooza at Big Picture Classes!

Like quizzes? Well, you are in the right place! I am thrilled to be sharing a giveaway for a seat in the upcoming class,  Quizapalooza by the fabulous Angie Lucas!

If you know Angie, she definitely has a way with words! You can find out more about Angie here.


Q&A your way to fast, fabulous journaling with Angie Lucas

Class begins: September 18, 2014

Cost: $39

About the Class
There's no question about it: your story matters.

And there's no easier, faster, or more satisfying way to tell your story than through quizzes and questions!

Introducing Quizapalooza, a 5-week interactive workshop that makes it simple to share meaningful stories in your scrapbooks, journals, and Project Life albums—or even via your blog or social media channels.

Your instructor, Angie Lucas, has carefully curated more than 180 questions to help you capture fascinating tidbits about all areas of your life, including:

Who: The People You Love
What: Objects, Ideas & Experiences
When: Past, Present & Future
Where: Places that Matter
Why: Reasons & Explorations

There are options for whichever memory keeping method you prefer: Project Life, scrapbook layouts, your journal, blog, social media, etc. I love this! There is no one right way and it's great we have options. Even if you normally do one thing, you may find you enjoy trying something new.

Check out the video for more information. It's really good and makes me want to take some of these quizzes as well! In fact, Angie has some sample quizzes available for free here.

Let me know if you try these out! I'll be working on mine as well. And if I had time I would show you my "Groovy Little Book of Quizzes" that I made using quizzes from Simple Scrapbooks back in the day. But, I figured you might like a chance to win and so I will go ahead and post this. Done is better than perfect, right? Still, you get the idea…I love quizzes for journaling and page / story prompts.

And I can't wait for this class!

To find out more about the class click here: Quizapalooza

To be entered in the giveaway, please leave a comment below. You can also enter the giveaway on my photo on Instagram.

The class starts September 18th, so I will choose a winner next Sunday 9-14-14.

Good luck!

---------------------->>> Giveaway is now closed. Thank you!! <<<<----------------------------------------------