Just a quick update to say I'm still here! Thanks for all the love for the summer bucket list. Really was a fun project. Fun to see it pop up on Pinterest! I'm adding in 1-2 spreads for each month June-August but keeping it really simple.

I'm other news I updated the blog header! Decided to try my hand at showcasing a bit of my work as part of the header. I kinda like it so far.

I've been working quite a bit, and just living life in general. I've been taking a few online classes. Really love them but it doesn't leave much blogging time. Learning a lot though which is good. I'm also working on quite a few projects. Bouncing around a lot. Lots of painting going on right now.

So as an effort to keep this update quick I thought I'd use the amazing Tina Azmus's Currents prompts. Here we go:

date: 10.28.12
location: my crafty space
eating: chili...lots of chili
drinking: diet coke...way too much diet coke
enjoying: spending family time today carving pumpkins
listening: to Taylor Swift's new album Red...really love it
wishing: I could do a Harry Potter marathon for Halloween...that would be cool
thinking: I should probably take some photos of my completed 30 Lists before nap time is over
making: a mess with misting today, but painted over it and now it's looking really cool
feeling: nervous/happy/excited about some upcoming projects you'll see soon
loving: twinkle lights...they just make me happy

my crafty play space + twinkle lights

you can check out Tina's currents at Life Love Paper here


Project Life Summer 2012: Bucket List Style

Finally finding time to share my Summer 2012 Project Life pages. I loved the Summer Manifesto by Ali Edwards as well as her templates for the Summer Manifesto minibook. When I saw the 6x6 pages I knew immediately I wanted to include this in Project Life. In fact, I love it so much it is all I have done so far to document Summer 2012.

I think it has done a wonderful job of capturing our summer.

Back in June I made a list of 10 items for us to do this past summer. I wrote each item on a clothespin and clipped it to a paint bucket from Home Depot--inspired by this. I knew it would be a stressful summer. We just had a lot going on and we needed to keep it simple. Yet I also wanted to create opportunities for us to get out and enjoy the summer. Thus, the bucket list!

Here's a look at my pages:

For my project I used Design E page protectors from Becky Higgins as well as the templates from Ali Edwards which can be found at Designer Digitals here. I printed the Life is Good overlay from Ali onto a transparency and placed it over a piece of white cardstock. I also stamped and embossed, then cut out a Happiness Right Here stamp from Kelly Purkey for a little extra fun.

I can't tell you how much I love these pages. I love that this project inspired us to enjoy the simple things, get out and have some adventures, and still be a great way to capture our summer. The best part is that it is done! No feeling behind. No feeling like I have to do this week or that week. It's interesting to me to do it like this because I have been sorely tempted to do 2013 Project Life weekly. I still haven't decided if I will try it that way or not. I absolutely love seeing it done that way and I know it would be a treasure. We'll have to see. Maybe I should just do a year in a bucket list format?!

I think regardless of how you choose to document it, it's awesome. I love the Project Life system and how it can be adapted to your own style and needs.

And overall, the most important thing is to remember to live! Becky Higgins Project Life system turned 3 this week and they had an awesome celebration. As part of the celebration, the creative team designed quote cards for free. You can find them here.

I love the quote card by Monica McNeill featuring a quote from Bob Dylan:

"If you want to keep your memories, you first have to live them."

And just like that we are thinking about fall, pumpkins, and chilly weather. Summer 2012 you were just amazing and I am so happy we cherished you! 

Supplies used: also note I used the summer 2012 flair from Ormolu (no longer available).