Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

So in the style of Currents, here is my wish list right now:

wishing for my bags to be magically packed overnight. where did those house elves go?
wishing I could finish some little gifts for my family, and realizing only one of my siblings is actually going to get them this year.
wishing I could just relax and let it go.
wishing I was a better friend. so thankful to those who have gone out of their way to think of me.
wishing that I could re-live a few priceless childhood Christmas memories. like my sisters and I making funky cookies to pixie our friends and neighbors.
wishing I had a pensieve so I could do that!
wishing I had more time and energy to do Christmas activities with my family.
wishing I could create and blog more. trying to be okay with that too.
wishing for a present mind, to be mindful and awake, to enjoy the moments I have now.
wishing for peace, comfort and healing to those in need.
wishing for joy to you and yours

May your hearts be filled with light and wonder this season. See you next year!


December Daily 2012 | Days One & Two

Hello December!

We started December 1st with everything from breakfast tacos, a Christmas Parade and Stroll (downtown street celebration), being with friends and meeting Santa! It was her first time meeting Santa and she did great. I was so proud of her. A little shy, but she gave him high fives and hook 'em horns. And she remembered to ask for what she wanted with a small cue. (she wants a sheep and something pink--have I mentioned how much I love this girl?) 

Last night we came home to meet our Elf on the Shelf. She quickly named her Cookie. Maybe we were all hungry, but I love it. She loves her Cookie the Elf and we found her this morning eating little Christmas cookies! So cute.

Not surprising, we all needed a lot of rest today. And I got some pages done during her nap.

Here's a look at my day one. Hard to choose just one story, so I decided to highlight the photo of meeting Santa and write down our bucket list, since we accomplished two of them and got started on three others! I traced some cookie cutters I have to make the stars. I'm thinking I'll try something like this inside the cover of my bucket list album. I also did a light spray of Mister Huey's Shine and the silver pen is a little bit glittery which is fun.

December 1: Hello Santa!
Excited to meet Santa and start of our bucket list.

Day 2: Just a little bit of magic. Wanted to highlight little Cookie the Elf. I started with the hearts and then added a few stars and a bit more. A little messy but I don't want the pressure for this journal to be perfect. Just having fun and adding a little magic here and there. (love that Kelly Purkey stamp too)

December 2: December Magic
Excited to find Cookie the Elf eating cookies

Also got a chance to work on a little bit of my Project Life for December. I had already printed these journal cards from Ali Edwards and added them in a Design F page protector from Becky Higgins. I just added the photos and journaling, along with the title, which is a download from Ali Edwards in the 25 Days class at Studio Calico. I recolored it red and printed it on vellum. Also added the mini stars with a little glue dot on the back. I may add some tiny confetti stars too when I finally dare to try my new sewing machine! (printing on vellum or transparencies is a fun way to add a see-through element, especially if you don't have a die-cut machine)

I'm kind of liking the Design F lately. I'm thinking of using it more in 2013. We'll see. For December I think I'll end up with a Design A on the left of this, then there are three Design F pages, and another Design A. I've already started a Design G as an insert about yesterday's adventures.

December Daily in Project Life using Ali Edwards journal cards

Finally, I wanted to share a peek of my other project, the bucket list mini album in a 6x8 Studio Calico Handbook. I'm doing 12 things here, and probably Christmas Eve and Day. Really loving Liz Tamanaha's templates (Paislee Press). I'm using a mix of hers and Ali's 6x8 templates from this year, as well as various journal cards, etc. Hope to do a post about it soon.

It's awesome to see everyone's pages and albums and I'm excited to be able to share a bit today. Thanks so much for stopping by!


This December | A Bucket List Album

Hello December!

I wanted to share a bit more of the plans I have for this December. I'm excited.

I'm carrying on the idea from the summer that Ali Edwards had to do a Summer Manifesto. I did it during the summer and absolutely loved it. Like she said, it was about living with intention, and I was so happy I did it, that I didn't miss out on those roadside peaches. Awesome stuff.

Bring on the bucket list! 

My husband and I have come up with 12 items for our bucket list/manifesto. We may not get to all 12 but I'm really hoping we can. I wanted to call it "this Christmas" but I ended up losing a letter s and actually "this December" works better, as all our items are not necessarily Christmas related.

So here's our list:
  1. A Downtown Christmas Celebration
  2. Meet Santa (this will be her first time so I hope it goes good!)
  3. 25 Days of Books (M really loves books and I thought it would be a great way to get some Christmas books + be a bit of a countdown to Christmas. I've heard it's a really great activity so we are hoping it will turn out to be fun).
  4. Watch Elf, make (or decorate) cookies and snuggle. (I really want to bake my sister's awesome sugar cookies but being realistic here).
  5. Elf on the Shelf! (thanks to my husband for surprising us today with it!)
  6. Gingerbread houses. (This is one my husband put down and really wants to do with M).
  7. Relax and enjoy the lights and some Christmas music. (with a busy schedule we really need to make this one a priority).
  8. Decorate the tree. 
  9. Do some art with Maggie. (take time to do some hand painting with her--she loves it).
  10. Date night. 
  11. Travel (road trip) to visit relatives out of state (a visit long over-due)
  12. Watch a bowl game with my Mom. (both my husband and I put this one on here--she really loves football). Also in this category will be a possible fishing trip with my Dad. (depends on the weather, etc but we are hoping it happens).
I'm also thinking I'll include Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in this album as I think there will be room. I'm planning on making an intro page about why we are doing it, what our regular schedules and routines are in order to give an overall view of us right now. I have a feeling this season is going to fly by, and I'm hoping we can make some magic this year. I loved that as a child my parents did things to make it magical. I hope to carry on that idea.

I'll update with pics of the album when I can--check out my Instagram feed for some sneaks!

Hope you are having a great December 1! If you are looking for more inspiration as to how to approach December Daily and other projects, check out Ali's blog today. Awesome stuff! Click here to see her list of stories she has told over the years of doing this project. Did I mention it's awesome?

Happy December to you!!

updated: here are a few pictures of my album so far. I'm planning on doing another post with how I did the album and hopefully more of my foundation pages. Thanks for looking!


Project Dig Deep | a few extras and a book party

Thanks everyone for the support for the eBook! It's my first time ever being published, so it's pretty exciting for me :)

As part of the launch for the eBook, Big Picture Classes will be hosting an eBook Party next week, and I'll be doing a chat in the Project Life Community (it's free to join). I'll be hosting a chat in the community there on Friday 11-30-12 at 8 pm central time. I would love to have you join me!

You can join the community here.

You can get your own copy of Project Dig Deep here (clicking this link is an affiliate link-no extra cost to you).

I really loved these layouts I did. In fact, I created a bit more than there was room to show in the eBook, so I got permission to share the extras here! yay!!

Here are the pages from the personality "bonus" or "insight" pages I did (which you see above). The 6x12 striped page is just to set it apart from the other spread. If you flip that 6x12 grid page over, this is the title page. It's hard to see, but it's a little metal flair button from Amy Tangerine that says, "Let's Go" which I thought was perfect for pages highlighting her on the go personality. The paper is from Studio Calico.

In the eBook you can see quite a bit actually. On the back of the 8x10 large photo is a page where I talk about her and why I'm doing this layout, kind of an introduction. I'll admit I cried mama tears as I wrote it. Those are good tears, but just shows how much heart I put into this project. Then the parts you see peeking through are her just getting going at under a year old (she started walking at 10 months).

Also in the eBook you can see the next two page spread, where I highlighted her at 1 year and at 2 years old and showed her personality and growth during that time. (see why the mama tears, hello they grow up too fast!!)

This is the last page of the project, which I made with the Design G page protectors from Becky Higgins. I think I might add a right side to finish her at 2 years old, then do her when she is 3 as a left and right side, and repeat each year. I'm not sure if I said it in the eBook, but what I ended up doing was creating a mini-book within a book, which I totally love. If I do that I will eventually move this into her own "All About Maggie" book within my Library of Memories albums.

Here is a glimpse at another "insight" or "bonus" layout I made to celebrate our tradition of going to Rudy's for breakfast tacos. This is part of the right side of the layout (which is a Design A page protector). In the eBook you can see most of it but the 6x12 insert covers this part. 

I wanted to include it here because it shows how I capture the story of the clean hands. They have a really fun handwashing station and you get a sticker that says, "I have clean hands." Needless to say, this is always a highlight of the trip! :) To keep the layout from getting overwhelming I just used the sticker on a 3x4 piece of patterned paper and wrote the journaling on a shipping tag and slipped it in behind it. This technique works really well on the right side layouts because it's easy to pull things on that side.

I also used a Design I page protector as another insert for some Instagrams I had. That one of her in the elephant pajamas has to be one of my favorite photos from the whole time we've been going.

And on the back of that page are just some more Instagrams (these are 4x4 pocket pages).

Thanks for looking! I'm still pinching myself at being a part of this eBook. I've been a fan of the crew from Ella Publishing and Big Picture Classes since the days of Simple Scrapbooks. Finding them, along with Cathy Z and Ali Edwards are some of the reasons I got back into scrapbooking and I'm so thankful to be a part of this. Let me know if you have any questions! And I'll hope to be chatting soon with you this Friday! 

Products used: (for full list see the eBook). Here are a just a few of the items used. If you have any questions just let me know.


Project Dig Deep and My First Giveaway!

I've been so excited to share that I'm a contributor to this awesome eBook from Ella Publishing Co/Big Picture Classes. All about finding and telling the "deeper" stories or insight pages sparked by what we are already capturing in our Project Life pages (whether you do it weekly, monthly (like me), or some other way). The stories I share in the book are all about Maggie's "On the Go" personality and our "tradition" of breakfast tacos at Rudy's. Plus you can see my summer bucket list pages and my Take 12 layout from May that never made it to the blog! :) So excited to see my Maggie on the cover!

Here's the information from Ella Publishing:

Project Dig Deep eBook Discover and share exciting new stories within your Project Life system

Becky Higgins' Project Life system, which is built around the idea of scrapbooking quickly inside divided page protectors, has revolutionized the way thousands of people approach memory keeping.

We're thrilled to unveil the first eBook to dive deep into the Project Life system, revealing seven amazing strategies that could revolutionize the way you approach Project Life!

This is your chance to join seven avid scrapbookers as they get inspired by their own recent scrapbook pages and then "dig deep" to tell seven types of expanded stories within their ongoing Project Life albums.

Whether you scrapbook chronologically or in a story-based format, you'll love these concrete strategies for discovering and sharing meaningful stories. You'll be inspired to expand on a loved one's personality, flash back to the past, show off a photo tour of a beloved place, create a tribute page to a loved one who has passed on, explore an important relationship, and more!

Meaningful, story-based scrapbooking has never been easier—or more fun!

Meet the talented ladies whose stories compose the eBook

Annette Haring   <---  that's me! :)

Get your own copy of Project Dig Deep here! (clicking this link is an affiliate link-no extra cost to you).

Note that it's on sale Save $3! Introductory price of $6.99 ends November 25. Regularly $9.99.

--->I also have a copy to give away: just leave a comment below and I'll pick a random winner this Thursday 11-22-12 at 10 pm central time. <---

For more Project Life inspiration follow our Pinterest Board, Join the free BPC community or visit BeckyHiggins.com.

Here is a look at some of the pages. I love all the different topics and the different styles of all the contributors. Lots of resources and creative ideas in here.

A look at my little Maggie's personality pages. With both of my insight pages I've created a foundation for continuing to tell the story if I choose to. Kind of a mini-book within a book. And with both of the insight pages I can either keep these in my current Project Life book, or add them to my Library of Memories albums (All About Maggie and Places We Go). 

Her personality pages were sparked by looking at my summer bucket list pages and seeing all these photos of her loving to be "on the go".

A look at Jessica's pages and her cute little Adeline. I really want to do a page on the story of Maggie's name soon.

As part of the launch for the eBook, Big Picture Classes will be hosting an eBook Party next week, and I'll be doing a chat in the Project Life Community (it's free to join). I'll be sure to let you know when I'll be hosting a chat. You can join the community here.

So there it is! Like I said, I'm really thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this book and to get some of my stories told in a way that I love. 

Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win! I'll pick a random winner this Thursday 11-22-12 at 10 pm central time. You can follow me and get updates by joining the blog (up there on the right sidebar) or follow by email. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram: annetteharing. Make sure you have a way for me to contact you too!

Have fun "digging deep" and finding stories to tell! I would love to see what you create!

Remember to get your own copy of Project Dig Deep here!


Results 11-22-12: Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!! The random winner is #5: Jenn! Congrats Jenn! Send me an email so I can give you the info to get your eBook! :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank YOU so much for your positive encouragement and support! You are all truly amazing and I am blessed to be a part of such a great community!


Exciting News!

Just a quick update: I finally get to share that I'm in an eBook! With Ella Publishing/Big Picture Classes!! Crazy, right?! This project was amazing for me and I'm so thankful to have had an opportunity to "dig deep" and tell some stories I've been wanting to tell. The Project Life set-up made it soooo much easier. I love it. Really, really.

Click here to check it out and it's on sale too right now!

I'll be back this week with more official news and even some "out-takes" (have you noticed I kind of go overboard?) Yeah, they couldn't fit all my stuff in the book, but the fun thing is I get to share those parts here!! See you soon!


December Daily 2012 | my plans and a few tips

Super excited that my little December Daily album was featured on Ali's blog. She is so inspiring and so generous. I've followed her for quite a while now and needless to say I was so honored she wanted to highlight it! Thank you all for your kind words too. It really means a lot to me.

For the past two years I have done a December Daily, which is an album that documents each day in December. There's no right or wrong way to do these albums. Some people do large 12x12 albums, digital pages, photo-books, smaller 8x8, 6x8, 5x7, 4x6, etc. Some do it in their Project Life albums. Again, there is no right or wrong way. Ali Edwards started it five or six years ago and it has grown to be a popular way to do a holiday album.

Tip #1: make it work for you! 

This year I'm doing a mix of projects, each kind of makes up a layer of my overall memory keeping this December.

  1. December Daily in 31 Lists: documenting a little something each day with a photo and a list.
  2. 12 December Joys | a Holiday Bucket List: 12 items for 12/2012. 
  3. December in Project Life: my regular monthly set up of Project Life.

  • December Daily in 31 Lists: I loved the 30 Lists project so much. My friend Stacey on Instagram suggested it would be a fun way to to December Daily. As I was trying to decide what to do this year, this idea kept coming back to me. Remember tip #1: do what works! I decided to alter one of the extra Moleskine journals I had extra to create my December Daily. Here I can do a list or a story a day and I've made up my own prompts for each day (see below if you want to use them too). Journaling can be a struggle sometimes but I found having a prompt and just keeping it in list form really works for me on a daily or daily-ish project. The design is the same each page. Just a photo, washi tape, maybe some stamps, a number for each day, my list and a little date stamp. *note if you use a Moleskine the pages are quite thin. I'm using chalk inks in mine. Here's a look at my album: 

A close up of the tags + here's one of my little date stamps I'm using.

To share the love this holiday season, I'm sharing the prompts I created: if you would like the prompts, please click here to get them from Google Docs. It's a pdf so it should be ready to print. Click on each link for each page.

I printed them on HP Brochure Paper in Matte and cut them out with my paper trimmer. I have the prompt loosely adhered on each page, but am making it so I can change it easily if I want to. I'm keeping the extras (there are quite a few prompts to choose from and both "favorite" and "favourite" spellings) in a little container on my desk to make it easy to pick one each day. Here are the prompts!

My second way for documenting December:

  • 12 December Joys | a Holiday Bucket List: I must really like lists! For this project I'm doing a more "crafty" 6x8 album using a Handbook from Studio Calico and a mix of a solid 6x8 page and divided page protectors. My husband and I have come up with 12 items that we want to do in December. Kind of a bucket list or manifesto, whatever you want to call it. Again, I looked back at what has worked for me. The bucket list pages I did this past summer worked great for me, so instead of trying to make each day crafty and doing 25 crafty days, I'm just doing 12. Twelve things we really want to do. It's 2012. The twelve days of Christmas. It just felt fun and felt like the right thing for this year. The pages are almost ready to share, hoping by this next weekend or keep an eye on my Instagram feed. What's cool and feels like a bit of serendipity is that my Moleskine fits perfectly in a page protector that I can add right inside the bigger album. Fun fun stuff!
And finally because I am already doing it anyway:
  • December in Project Life: I have a monthly set up for 2012 and I plan to add more of my favorite photos and some everyday life stuff here. You can see how I set up my monthly 2011 album here.  Updated: I am using a Design F page protector and journal cards from Ali Edwards in my Project Life. Really fun! Check them out here.
So there it is! My plan for documenting December 2012. I'm really excited about it and it feels right for me this year. 

Tip #2: prepare as much as you can before December. Ali's templates and overlays are a great place to start. I'll be using her 6x8 templates in the bucket list album. Ali calls these her "foundation pages" and it's great because a lot of the design is already done.

Tip #3: have fun! This really should be number 1. Don't compare, it's easy with so much inspiration out there. Take it for what it is. Celebrate others and their creativity. My advice is to try something. You can always change it or try something else another time. It's all good! And realize what works for someone else may not work for you. It's doesn't make either way right or wrong. It's just good stuff no matter how you do it! And don't forget to live and just enjoy the season.

I would love to see how you are documenting the season this year: share on Twitter and Instagram using #decdaily. Updated: also use #decdailylists so we can share! :)

To see the awesome gals behind 30Lists, click here. (note I am not affilitated with them but definitely inspired by them!)

To see more about December Daily and Ali's past albums click here.

P.S. I have some exciting news to share tomorrow. You heard it--there will be a post two days in a row! 

Products used: here is a group of the products I used. I can't find the link but the canvas star is from Maya Road. I stitched it on with white thread. The little silver stars are from a confetti pack I found in the party section of Michael's. The red embossing glitter is actually some old Martha Stewart but I couldn't find any links for it. I've heard the Zing is fantastic and hope to get some soon! The paper I'm using as a backdrop is one of my current favorites from I Lowe Scrap. I used the white Brilliance ink on the cover. Initially I used white chalk ink but it was really really white. I liked this one more for the look I was going for. I also had to order another set of the journals because I messed up on the first one and it said "le twinkle." My husband liked it but I decided to re-do it. Anyways, hope that helps! Have fun with whatever way you decide to document your December!


30 Lists Sept 2012 | Lists 9-30

Better late than never! I finished my 30 Lists project the first week of October and finally getting to posting the pics. I had so much fun with this project. It's inspired me to do it this way for my December Daily this year, but more about that to come.

For now, here are my lists numbers 9-30.

And there it is! Like I said, I had a lot of fun with this project. I think they run it twice a year, be looking for the next one in the spring. Of course you can always make up your own lists too! Which is what I'm planning for December.

To find out more about 30 Lists, click here. To see my other 30 Lists posts click here and here.

Products used: I used a Moleskine cashiers grid journal, an app on my iMac called Instant to make the "Polaroids", various washi tapes, sharpie pen. Font is Bebas. The map is from Mr. Printables. I printed out the photos on HP matte 4x6 photo paper at home.