Studio Calico Sandlot Project Life Guest Designer | PL spread from May

Welcome back! Sharing my second layout for Studio Calico's Project Life® kit. The photos were taken in May, and as you can see, only two days of the week were featured in the spread. Sometimes I take a lot of one event, and that's ok! I love how this layout came together very quickly with the cards from the Sandlot kit + printables from Life Love Paper.

You can see my gallery on Studio Calico here.

First, the full two page left and right sided spread. Just doing what I do…Collect photos, filler cards, journaling cards and a little sprinkling of embellishments (the cute gold heart brad and the pink work strip stickers.) Continuing with my Maggie quote and week in review card as well to round out the stories.

The left side. On the currently card, I just added one of the printables from Life Love Paper, cut it out and added it to a white 3x4 card, then I hand wrote in some currently facts. (tip: really happy I had written down some of the regular going-on's in my calendar that week. Made it very easy to fill in the journaling this week. Note to self: even just bits and pieces of the week written down in my calendar makes it easy to do past "fill in the gaps" weeks.)

Closer look at the title card. Simply stamping the dates with a roller date stamp works well for me. (tip: I stamp the second date first to make sure I have room for both.)

I printed out the "made this" card and stamped the boxes with the stamp from the Repeat add on to make a recipe card. I just looked up the recipe on Pinterest and added it here. The "made by" is from the stamp from the main kit.

Right side. Documenting our trip to the library. The cards were just too perfect for this page! Really loved it. (Wishing I had photographed or at least written down what books we checked out, but at least I got some pics and am happy with how it turned out. Thank you, mobile phone!)

I added the "this is my today" from the stamp set from the Repeat add on as well. Great stamp set for adding bits like this to Project Life.

So there it is! Another simple spread. These fill the core of my album, and if I want to and have time, I can always add photos from my big camera as inserts. But for me, at least I have something and even better…something that I love!

Project Life® is a simplified memory keeping system designed by Becky Higgins with pockets and cards designed to make it simple. For more information, click here.


Studio Calico Guest Designer | August Sandlot Kit

So, yesterday was the big "reveal" day at Studio Calico, which is a monthly scrapbooking and Project Life kit club with some amazingly creative ladies on the design team. I was very honored to be a Guest Designer this month and am excited to share my full layouts with you.

But first, a big thanks to everyone for the wonderful support! I am very happy with the layouts that I was able to create with the kits, and wish I had more time to create more. I loved these kits. The kits + the printables really helped me come up with story and layout ideas, and were very simple to incorporate in my Project Life.

So first, the main kit only layout. You can see it at the Studio Calico site here. (my kit shipped to me before all the items were in the warehouse, so I wasn't able to use more items.) Not a big deal because I'm a pretty simple scrapbooker, but I'm sad I wasn't able to incorporate more items. (still I can't complain…it was an amazing opportunity and I feel extremely grateful!)

So here we go! This is a left and right sided layout using Collect photos and the kit. It's from an adapted "week 20" which is around the middle of May. This layout included Mother's Day and some everyday life photos. I had taken pics of my happy mail reward after being on a spending freeze, so it was fun to incorporate them here.

This is the left side, which includes a "title" card, which is simply the dates that the photos were included in. (most of them anyways…I'm fairly lenient on the dates and weeks. I just go with what works.) 

Here is the right side. I included a week in review that I created in PSE (similar to the one I use from Tracy Larsen.) Another thing I did was trim the black and white striped card in half to create a strong visual line to lead the eyes from the left to the right side of the page. I could have journaled in the lines, but I decided to use labels on the outside and then create flip style cards for additional photos and journaling.

Here is a closer look at the flip cards.

Another fun thing about the kit was the washi roll of stickers. That is where the OK circle came from. I really wanted to include this, but the flat looked better. But this is something cool--they fit perfectly over the small flair badges! So if there is a flair button that you are totally not into, these have cameras and icons that can help stretch your stash a bit. I love that and plan on taking a pic soon to share on Instagram.

So there's my main only layout! I'll be back to share my other layouts soon.

In the meantime, there are still kits available! Click here to find out more! And don't forget about the digital printables! They are fantastic this month! I think that's going to be my new plan. Stretch my kit with the printables. It really helped me finish up my layouts. Can't wait to see what others create with these kits!


Studio Calico Project Life Guest Designer | Sandlot Sneaks

Hello! I'm thrilled to be a guest designer for Studio Calico's Project Life® kit this month. To just say thrilled might just be an understatement! I've been a fan of Studio Calico for a long time and am very honored to be a guest this month.

So first, here are a few sneak peaks!

Excited to share the rest of the gallery with you! Reveal is the 27th at 11 pm central US time (reveal for subscribers is in the morning at 11.)  I just gotta say, I adore both of the add on PL kits. Seriously adore. I really wish I had more time to do more layouts that I had ideas for, but the kits came later than expected and I just ran out of time. Still, I have plans in the works for more layouts with these kits. The kits + the digital printables are seriously that good. They just work for the stories I want to tell and the photos I have. And I might just need another pack of those cute wood veneer letters. I adore them.

For more info, check out Studio Calico here.


Class Giveaways! Here & There Inspiration and Going Places

Hey guys! Class has officially started for these classes, but registration is still open, so there is still time for a giveaway!

I have one seat available for each of these awesome classes at Big Picture Classes: Here & There Inspiration taught by Kelly Purkey and Amy Tan; and Going Places taught by Katrina Kennedy, Tami Morrison, Angie Gutshall, and Kim Jeffress. 

Both classes started on July 3rd, but have registration open until the 9th. 

First up, is one of the 4Experts classes (one class each quarter is a 3 month long class taught by an expert or experts in the industry…no, you do not have to be an expert to take!) These are a little pricier, but you get them for 3 full months and they are packed with info. This one looks amazing, and how could it not…taught by the very inspirational Amy Tan and Kelly Purkey!

Here & There Inspiration with Amy Tan and Kelly Purkey
How To Seek Out, Sift Through, and Scrapbook the Inspiring Ideas All Around You.

7/3/2014 $99.00


About the Class
In the immortal words of Ferris Bueller: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
Amy Tan and Kelly Purkey know this all too well. Amy (of "Amy Tangerine" fame) is a brand-new mama living in sunny Southern California, and Kelly is a big-city scrapbooker who has called Chicago and New York home. Both are sensational memory keepers who have inspired thousands of fellow scrapbookers through their blogs, product lines, books, classes, design-team work, and more.

Now they've teamed up to create a new 4Experts workshop that will help you Stop. Look around. And capture life before you miss it.

Over the course of 12 weeks, Here & There Inspiration will teach you to appreciate the inspiring things in everyday life and then incorporate them into a dozen fun projects, including your own inspiration journal.

You'll enjoy two different styles and perspectives on each week's inspiration category: food, fashion, home d├ęcor, nature, books & magazines, media & technology, arts & culture, music, and more.

Get ready to change the way you look at the world around you—and create some cool projects with two of today's top trendsetters.

Learn more and register here


Next, there is an awesome group class about travel albums, which is an absolute steal at $25. This should help get your wheels spinning for ideas on how to document your travels. I love travel albums and hope to share some of my own soon.

Going Places
Four Mini Albums to Capture Travels Near and Far

7/3/2014 $25.00


About the Class
Four scrapbookers. Four very different vacations. Four mini albums that share their adventures in modern, memorable ways.

Pack up your pictures, patterned paper, and page protectors and join four talented instructors (Katrina Kennedy, Tami Morrison, Angie Gutshall, and Kim Jeffress) on this 4-week scrapbooking journey. Whether you're traveling across the globe, close to home, or not at all this year, Going Places will help you document your most treasured vacation memories.

Scrapbook a trip from this year, last year, or 10 years ago! Choose one approach or make them all! Our promise of "forever access" guarantees these ideas will be ready and waiting, no matter where your wanderlust takes you. With detailed instructions, helpful videos, and four unique album perspectives, Going Places will give you an arsenal of ideas that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Learn more and register here



To be entered in the giveaway, just leave a comment here. For an additional entry, leave a comment on my post on Instagram. Giveaway will close tomorrow night, 7/7/2014, to allow time for the winner to register for class.

Good luck and enjoy all the inspiration of these two classes!!


Thanks to everyone for entering! Wish I had more seats to give away! Winner of Here & There: the_vintage_giraffe and winner of Going Places: Tammydee1963. 

For a 10% off coupon code, check out Paperclipping Roundtable here. They have a coupon code and while you are at it, check out the podcast! It kept me going for 2 years of long long long commutes!

Congrats to the winners!