Week in the Life™ 2014 | my preparations + video

Hello! This past week I spent time photographing and documenting a regular week in our lives. I've captured things like how our bed looks unmade, the giant stack of stuffed animals in my daughter's room, places we went, things we did. The regular and the new. It was a good week. Busy week. But a good week.

During the week I don't have much time to put things together. My focus is on living life and capturing it as I can in words and photos.

But I did get a chance to prepare some things before the week and it really helped me get in the mindset and get excited about it.

So I thought I would share a few of my preparations for Week in the Life™with you here.

A little backstory: Week in the Life™ is a project created by Ali Edwards to capture a regular week in our lives. You can watch a video from Ali and read more about that here.

I have tackled the project once a year since 2011. Have completed a full project once. My 2012 and 2013 albums are still in progress. You can find my 2011 album here.

The great thing this year is that Ali has created a kit that can make the project easier. You can find that here. If it is sold out, you can absolutely create your own kit. I have for the past three years and have loved it. You can read about my 2012 plan here.

Also be sure to check out Ali's post about getting ready here. Lots of good information and inspiration. Basically all you need!

Please note even though I am on Ali's digital creative team, I would be using her digital templates anyways, as you can tell from my past projects. I'm just super thankful I can use the digital supplies and show inspiration on these products this year. Otherwise, I have no affiliation with Ali for this kit. Just sharing things I love and hoping to inspire you too!

When I was getting ready for the week, I was inspired by Kristin to share a bit more about the kit. Check out her awesome post of preparation here.

Here is a video about my preparations + photos below. Let me know if you have any questions and if you like this type of video. I can do shorter but often I get carried away in details. Let me know as I am considering sharing more video here similar to what I do in classes.

2014 Week in the LIfe™ Preparations from Annette Haring on Vimeo.
Sharing my preparations for Week in the Life™ 2014 using the Ali Edwards kit + supplies from my stash.

And here are some photos of my preparations. Album with title page on the left, supplies from the kit + my stash on the right. I use paper trays from Target for my organization and as well as trays, baskets, etc. The little white bowls you see in the box are from Ikea and the round ones are from Target. The really small one is an antique butter pat dish. Love those and things like Jello molds for organizing the little things. But that's for another post.

Adore these kraft bags. Link at the end of the post. I even bought a set to use in last year's too!

A look at my title page so far. I painted the chipboard numbers to white and used the 2x2 pocket page for them. They fit perfect with the added paint and may not even need stitching! I think I will add a 2x2 page at the very end for consistency too.

Will be using the 3x8 daily sheets for documenting each day. On the back I can use photos, more journaling cards / more stories. A collage of receipts would be cool too but I think that's what I will be using in the daily bags.

And just a final note about my camera gear. Like I mentioned in the video, I was feeling a bit down because I didn't have an awesome lifestyle / documentary type lens. My kit lens has died so I don't have a wide angle anymore and then there is the wish that I had a better camera body, etc. This older rebel is five years old now. I happened upon this post at Clickin Moms and it hit me: love the camera you have. So I embraced the cameras and used what I had this week. And you know? It was awesome. I loved trying to play with my Olloclip more. I backed way up and tried lots of angles with my 50mm. I think I did a good job. At least for where I am now. It was good. 

So if you are feeling similarly, I give you this challenge: use the camera you have. At least we can get some photos. At least we can capture life. Isn't that what it's all about?

Ali Edwards Stamp Set Giveaway!!

And as a reward for making it through this post, I have a small give away! I am crazy in love with the AE kit and so I bought two. Yes, I am crazy! The only thing I don't need is two stamp sets. 

So if you would like to be entered to win this awesome stamp set, leave a comment below sharing a comment about Week in the Life. It could be your approach for week in the life. Any tips, when you are doing it. If it your first time. What you love about it. What supplies you are using. If you found this post and video helpful. Any of the above would work. 

I'll pick a random winner next Sunday, Nov 2nd. Good luck!!

Other supplies:
If you have any questions about supplies or help with Week in the Life, let me know!

And one last thing: be sure to check out Ali's free Week in the Life community on her site here. It will be a great source of inspiration and motivation. Also, I printed her daily sheets and used them this week as well. Some days I was better than others. Hoping to fill some more in today.

Have a great week!


Exciting News about Ali Edwards Digital Creative Team!

I'm so excited to share I am part of the new digital creative team for Ali Edwards! If you haven't heard about Ali, please RUN and check out her new site here!

I have been using Ali's products for a long time and basically learned how to use digital products from her and Cathy Zielske. I am a huge fan of both of them. 

When Ali launched her new site this August, to say I was excited was an understatement. I was working hard on all my own new class content and yet a part of me just wanted to delete the blog, delete everything and just be inspired by her and go tell stories with photos and words. Seriously! I was like, this is it! I could just quit everything I am doing and go tell stories and be happy. 

And I'm really glad I didn't quit. Thankful I pushed through and am really happy with the opportunity to continue to learn and grow and also to help others. And I'm so so excited to be able to use Ali's products to help me tell my stories. 

If you are interested in learning more about Ali's digital products, click here. There is a good mix of products including word art, templates and printable cards. Lots of options for telling stories regardless of whether you are paper based or fully digital or a mix of both. I also subscribe to her Story Stamp club because I use traditional stamps as well. 

Things you will likely see from me: a mix of it all! I love it all and can't help it! I use Ali's word art directly on photos before printing. I use her templates in my Week in the Life and December Daily. I also like making my own filler cards and journaling cards for Project Life with her supplies. I will have Project Life layouts as well as some more traditional ones and enlarged photos. I may even get the Sihouette working again! The cool thing is there are so many options and many ways to learn and grow as well. Can you tell I'm excited?!

Here are a few samples from me. Here I used one of her overlays from Designer Digitals to create a title card in my January 2014 Project Life. Her set is called Hello Life 12x12 Text Overlays. You can find that here.

Currently I have finishing up my December Daily on the brain since Ali introduced the preorder for this year's kit. 

Here is a look at how I use her templates as an overlay over the photos as well as printed the smaller 3x4 card out and just printed and used it in the album. You can find those at Designer Digitals here and here.

You can also see in my sneaks for  Catch Up with Project Life  how I used her December Daily 3x4 Journal Cards in my 2012 December Daily in Project Life. (available at Designer Digitals.) To find out more about that class and see those sneaks click here.

And seriously, the list could go on. I am thankful for all I have learned from Ali over the years and all I will continue to learn! I'm very thankful also for a good friend who encouraged me to apply. thank you!

And lastly, I will share a story that's still kind of raw and near to my heart. Putting together class content isn't easy for me. I always try to do too much and making it work + balancing family, work, etc almost got the better of me this round. Found myself on the floor for a few hours one day wondering how I would do it all. Wondering if I should just call it quits, etc. Somehow I found the strength to be brave and found the peace that it would all work out. Am very thankful for that moment. So when I saw Ali's Be Brave word art, I knew I wanted to capture that moment in a layout. Here is the digital version. I think I may print this out and add something, or I may not. We'll see.

Again, I'm so excited to be a part of this and very thankful for your encouragement and support as well!

So let's do this! #craftthestory


Hello Catch Up with Project Life!

Hello my fellow Project-Lifers! I am so beyond thrilled to be sharing my latest collaborative class at Big Picture Classes called Catch Up with Project Life!

It is a 3 week online class taught by me, Megan Anderson and Trisha Harrison. It starts October 30th but registration is open now so you can get started on the first three challenges. Cost is only $30 for some amazing content, prizes and a lot more!

It is all about MAKING PROGRESS and HAVING FUN with filling in gaps or "catching up" with our Project Life. 

It is about joining together as a community to inspire and uplift one another. 

It is about letting go of guilt and getting more done.

It is about welcoming beginners and helping seasoned Project Lifers find their groove.

Are you excited yet?

Below are some peeks at some of the layouts I have created for this class. I just counted the pages I have created and I am blown away. For this chronically behind, gap-laden Project Lifer, I have created or filled in pretty big gaps for over 40 pages and caught up on over three months of Project Life, all while staying somewhat current. It's seriously cool. I am more motivated than ever to keep going back and start filling in the smaller gaps. 

And yet…I have never technically "finished" a Project Life album. 

Why would I share that with you when I am supposed to be "an expert?" (who knows what that really means anyways.) But seriously, I share that because I am just like you. I am a busy working mom. I love taking photos and memory keeping. I dabble in the online scrapbooking world. I love to start projects. I really do. I just have a hard time finishing them!

I share that because when my family looks at my albums, they focus on all that I have created. The memories and moments that are captured. Not that my use of visual triangles or rounded versus squared corners. They are just happy to see photos and read stories. And yes, I'm happy my daughter loves  stickers and embellishments too. But that's beside the point.

The point is: memory keeping with Project Life is awesome! But like with any attempt at chronological documentation, it is very easy to "fall behind" and have gaps in our albums. 

What is the class NOT about?

This class is not about seeing who has the most gaps. 

This is not about seeing who is the best at keeping up. 

This class is not about saying you have to do it our way. 

This class is not a race or a competition to see who can create the most layouts. 

It is about learning techniques and principles to help you fill in gaps and possibly keep current while doing so. 

The main idea is that we have created 12 challenges, each with lots of instruction including video presentations, video tutorials, pdf handouts and bonus worksheets. These 12 challenges are designed around some of the main "reasons why" people fall behind or have gaps. And the fun thing: we have a prize for each challenge! So even more motivation to complete the challenges!

We also have bonus collaborative handouts tackling some other areas where people may struggle: title pages, memorabilia and how to handle those "extra projects" like Week in the Life™ or December Daily™.

As if that isn't enough, there will be emails throughout the week to help keep you motivated and inspired, including some printables.

There will be a gallery and message boards + live video chats with the instructors.

Yes, it's a lot! But wait, there's more! (insert infomercial voice here!)

Are you a beginner? We have you covered! We have tips for beginners as well as those who have been working on Project Life for a while. 

Are you current in your Project Life? We have tips and motivation for you as well with photo and journaling prompts to help inspire even more life documentation for the three weeks of class. Plus, you will be learning principles to help you as you move forward.

And finally, we are going to be finishing the class with a big Catch Up with Project Life Party! A full 12 hours for us to play together with additional inspiration from us as well as some very special guests to help you really bust out and finish your pages for the challenges.

Needless to say, this class has been a labor of love. We really wanted to create something that would be fun + inspirational + focus on getting more done. We are not perfect. This class is likely not perfect. But I think it's pretty darn good and I really hope you will join us.

So here are a few of my sneaks and you can click here to find out more about the class and sign up. (I have a coupon code below as well.)

Big Hint: if you sign up now, you can get started on our first 3 challenges in pre class. That's right! It's like getting an extra week of class and it will give you time to figure out what you want to work on and get ready for the rest of the class.


First up: one big tip. If you are going to be working on pages from various years, I highly recommend grabbing an extra album if you have one available. It really helped me keep focused just on the layouts I wanted to work on and it was super motivating to see this album fill up. The album I used is this one: this really fun black and white striped album from the  Heidi Swapp Project Life edition. You can find that here or at your local Michael's store.

Seriously, this album is almost full now!

Have big gaps? I had two big gaps in my 2013 album. Seriously, this was what my October and November 2013 looked like when I started.

And here are some sneaks of the finished pages.

And yes, those are sneak peeks of pages created using the newly released Project Life® App!! Check out more information about that from Becky Higgins here.

Do you have smaller areas to fill in? We have ideas for that too.

I fell behind with my attempt to do a photo a day for December Daily™ in December of 2012. I was able to complete the month following the principles in class and I have ideas on how to finish that year's December Daily™ too!

Are you excited yet? Okay, so what are you waiting for!! Just go here and check out more about the class and get registered! We are so excited to help you get started catching up.

So just say "YES!" to both donuts for dinner and having more fun playing catch up with your Project Life! We are so thrilled to have you join us!!

And for your reward for making it through this post: You can use the coupon code: teacherspet for $5 off the price of $30. (note that the code is good through September and cannot be combined with other offers like student rewards.)

For more information on Project Life® by Becky Higgins, click here. To sign up for the class click here.

please note: links are affiliate links and do not cost you any more, but I will receive a small compensation if you purchase the class through my links. Thank you so much for your support and I am so excited for class to start! If you need any help before class, please email me at annetteharing@yahoo.com or tag me on Instagram user name: annetteharing. See you in class!