One Little Word: July Edition

The prompt for July was right up my alley: make a soundtrack for your word for the year. After listening for the month, I came up with 18 songs for my main album, then threw another 18 on a second disc for a B sides album. Really fun, and inspiring too. I printed the song list in Itunes as well as the cover with the album art. I chose white mosaic and you can kind of play around with the mosaic to print it how you want. I burned a CD of each and it is on the 5x5 page between the album art and the song titles list. I used a green circles transparency from Hambly to see through a bit to the next page. The little letter stickers were tedious, but I like how they turned out. I added a little orange ink (Jenni Bowlin Chicken Feed) around the edges to tie them all togther. Next time letter stamps might have been easier, or maybe digital titles too. Anyways, I like how it turned out and it was a blast making these and I am loving my new playlists.

So next time you want a little inspiration, make a soundtrack of your life right now or whatever is inspiring you. I usually don't pay that much attention to lyrics, just the main ones, so it was interesting to dig deeper and see how songs could apply to my life. I've been keeping up pretty well in this class, thankful that the prompts are only once a month! So I will share more of my album in future posts. For now, "Don't Stop Believing....Hold on to that Feeling!" Come on, sing with with me now!


Time Warp

Wow! Today flew by. I felt like a teenager playing around on Itunes, making my One Little Word soundtrack for the year, looking up lyrics, making the CD's and the cards for my album. Fun stuff, but I had to really work hard to focus because I really love music and had a very hard time picking my songs to go with the theme of Focus and the changes I am making in my life. Then since I had so many, I decided to do a two page layout, along with a "B" sides CD. Totally fun, but then the picky perfectionist bug hit and I couldn't handle the second page numbers being again 1-9 since that was what was on the printable pdf. So opening PSE again, I fearlessly figure out how to delete the numbers and then add 10-18. Sounds easy, right? ugh! I think I need to take a photoshop class!

Anyways, I am happy with my new playlists although there are songs I didn't expect. Funny how that works.

So next week: the big week! Gotta make sure my camera is charged and iphones at the ready. I printed the daily list from Ali's site so I am hoping to keep up on all the happenings with that. Here is the link if you want to print them.

Ali's Week in the Life pdf

Here's to a great week!


Getting Ready for Week in the Life

I'm getting so excited for next week: I'll be joining a bunch of other online scrapbookers to document "A Week in the Life." Ali Edwards runs the event on her blog. You can find more info here: Ali's Preparations.

You can make your album whatever you want. Some do totally digital, others all paper, some in between in a regular album 8.5x11 or 12x12. And others do mini-books or projects. I think a Blurb book would be cool too. (Where you upload your blog into a book or photobook). For me, I've been waiting for the perfect project to use an old Franklin Covey planner. Tonight I got to use my new Crop a Dile to punch the holes. Totally awesome tool, highly recommend it if you make mini books. And I must say I am so excited about this project. Hopefully I can complete it! I just look at it as a fun way to inspire me to document our everyday life in a new way. And be just a little more grateful for all those little things that make up the everyday.

Join me if you want!


Welcome to my little corner of the world

Hi everyone! I am finally making a separate blog from our family blog, since the family blog was primarily becoming my crafty space. So welcome. This is definitely a work in progress and will be making changes as I go. So here's to new beginnings and creative endeavors.