Ella Boot Camp: Vampire eyes no more!

So excited to learn this new technique! I am using PSE6. Yep, 6. Someday I will upgrade, but for now this works. Maggie Holmes, photo editing teacher extraordinaire, taught us how to brighten eyes. This has been the bane of my photo taking existence! Natural light- check. Catch lights- yep, got em. Not every time, but I can capture them quite a bit. But the eyes would end up looking like hungry vampire eyes by the time I would run an action to process them. So I was very happy to try this out. Here is my original: I used Maggie's Vintage action on this photo of my daughter. She turned one and even though she had the chapped face I wanted to get a few pictures.So I loved the color but as you can see: hungry Cullen vampire eyes!

So enter the eye brightening tool. This was my first attempt, mind you. So here you can see the eyes are quite a bit brighter. Well, probably too bright because now she looks like a recently fed Cullen baby! The golden eyed vampire baby!

Finally, I decreased the opacity using that brilliant layer copy. So cool to learn that technique. Just like that. I might actually want to print these and use them on my wall now!

Here is a quick look at the before and after too.

So thanks Ella for an awesome boot camp. I am hoping to get some more of the challenges done, but we will see.

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