Week in the Life 2012: The Plan

Here we go! Week in the Life starts tomorrow. Some have already started and others will start Monday. Yet others will do a totally different week and that is cool too. It's awesome to see the #weekinthelife hashtag start heating up on Twitter and Instagram. Just awesome to see different approaches and the excitement with it all. I think it really helps me personally to maintain the level of excitement I need to be able to document so much for the full week. 

I wanted to share some of my preparations I did today. Since I actually finished my project from 2011 (even if it was last week!), I decided I wanted to keep it simple and repeat the recipe. I also like having at least a few matching albums to put on a shelf. You can find the link to my project here

Here is the Martha Stewart with Avery album for 2012. I like to add a few filler pages just to get a feel for the direction I am headed. I'm going with a little bit calmer feel hopefully. Not that the week is looking any calmer to say the least!

I also like to gather my supplies that I might use. Almost looks like a little Week in the Life kit. Stacy Julian calls these "Materials Files" and I like doing this because it keeps things together and helps me get an idea of where I'm headed. 

Some of the supplies I am probably going to use are these journaling cards from Bananafish Studio. I am also using her daily cards and am hoping to use some of her stamps or other items. These are actually a digital file called Simple Sayings that I just printed and trimmed to fit the size of pockets I'm using. What's cool is that with the digital files you can customize them too. I'm kind of excited to play around with these this year. You can get the link to the daily cards here.

And I'm hoping to work in some of these really cool wood veneer cameras, arrows, cars, and hearts from Studio Calico. Maybe add a little Shine too. I'm also loving the flair and other bits and pieces. Not sure it will all make it into the album but it's fun to look at and be inspired by it!

As for the patterned papers, I am using mostly Studio Calico from either the Take Note collection or the Classic Calico Collection Volume 2, some transparencies and paper from Hambly, and some other things like corrugated cardboard, cork board and even a shopping bag from the Container Store. See that cool blue paper? Totally cut up a shopping bag!

A few letter stickers is always fun. The cardboard is from Pebbles, and the smaller stickers are from Studio Calico Abroad collection.

Also wanted to note that the silver bookplates from Martha Steward/Avery are sold separately from the binder. Here you can see them on the paper they come on. I will just use one of those on the spine and add my title to it.

As for the interior pages, I am mixing it up just a bit. I fell in love with Ali's new Daily Banners, so I am going to use them on the first page of each daily spread with a full size photo (my pages are 5.7 x 8.5). On the right side of the layout I am probably going to use the 2010 Ali Edwards template that I resized for 2011. I got the updated sentiment tabs, and that template design gives me a chance to add in some patterned paper, which I love. Here is a little mock up of what it might look like.

Between the left and right sides for each day is a trimmed down baseball card protector page. It has four pockets per side, each is 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Here I will have the transparency and the flair for each day, plus  photos, journaling cards, ephemera, etc. And the awesome days of the week flair I am using this year are from Shelley Haganman on Etsy. You can find these here.

I'm sure I will try to work in some stamps too. These are from Ali Edwards Studio AE from Technique Tuesday, and some from Studio Calico (they were the exclusive Project Life sets--I hear they are making new ones too) and Bananafish Studio. I also like the little label stamps from Jenni Bowlin, and the little banners and camera are from Dear Lizzy.

Okay! So there we go. I really need to go clean up now and finish getting ready. Here are some items on my checklist or some tips that might help:

  • Charge the camera and iPhone. Upload and delete photos from the SD card and the iPhone.
  • Print the daily sheets from Ali Edwards. Really great resource for documenting the week. You can find those here.
  • Clean the house just a bit. Reality is one thing, total sloth is another!
  • Brush my teeth and get to bed. I really need some sleep.
  • Relax and have fun.
I'll try to be posting some during the week but not sure I can with my work schedule. Will most likely be posting on Instagram. You can find that here or follow me on Instagram: annetteharing

Thanks for looking! I had fun pulling product and making a few preparations. Now ready to say Hello to Week in the Life 2012 and Hello Routines! Here we go!


  1. Love, love, love your approach and never thought of using Martha's binder as an album. Great idea!

    1. So happy you like it Donnie! I wanted to use a planner originally, but it just didn't work out. It was an ah-ha moment to find the Martha binder! I love it.

  2. Oh I totally LOVE those flair pieces and just went over to Etsy to buy a couple packs!! Yay!! I also thing I really need Ali's newest stamp collection!!

    1. Yay!! So happy you got some. I couldn't decided when I was buying some and just ordered several different packs. I love the other ones too and can't wait to use them. Excited to see your project!

    2. Oh and you will love Ali's stamps. They are the best!!

  3. Annette, thank you so very much for linking to my little flair shop! I am so happy you like your flair! My a use your photos on my blog to show others how you are using the flair? www.scrappergirl.typepad.com/aflairforbuttons. Take care! Shelley

    1. Of course! That would be great! Thank you!!