Week in the Life 2012: Beginnings

Sometimes after an intensive time of living life + capturing it, I just have to step away from the project for a while. I sometimes pull out a project that needs a bit of love, or just stamp some journaling cards or do some other creative play. I used to call it procrastination and get on to myself. But I'm learning that it's part of my creative process and when I let myself have that time, then I seem to come back to projects more refreshed.

Week in the Life was one of those weeks. Lots of photos. Slowly adding the journaling and culling my images. How's that for a professional sounding word? ha! I heard it on a new podcast I'm listening to on my long drives for work. It's called jpeg2RAW: a photography podcast for the rest of us. I'm learning a ton and it's just so interesting to hear these awesome photographers talk about their journey. Between that and Paperclipping Roundtable and the Digi Show, it is making my drives a lot better each day.

I'll share a bit of the other projects I've been working on when i get time, but for now I just wanted to celebrate my first page! Simple but I love it. Sometimes that's what it takes for me to get going again on the project.

How is your Week in the Life project going? For more inspiration, check out Ali Edwards's blog. She will have an awesome post putting it all together, as well as links for others to share theirs. I love looking through and seeing so many wonderful ideas and projects. It's an awesome thing and makes me want to get mine done too! Check it out here.


  1. I'm just finishing pulling together the photos... hoping to work on layouts next week :)

    1. That is awesome!! I'm doing a little here and there. Hoping to have time in July to really pull it together. Can't wait to see yours!!