Just a quick update to say I'm still here! Thanks for all the love for the summer bucket list. Really was a fun project. Fun to see it pop up on Pinterest! I'm adding in 1-2 spreads for each month June-August but keeping it really simple.

I'm other news I updated the blog header! Decided to try my hand at showcasing a bit of my work as part of the header. I kinda like it so far.

I've been working quite a bit, and just living life in general. I've been taking a few online classes. Really love them but it doesn't leave much blogging time. Learning a lot though which is good. I'm also working on quite a few projects. Bouncing around a lot. Lots of painting going on right now.

So as an effort to keep this update quick I thought I'd use the amazing Tina Azmus's Currents prompts. Here we go:

date: 10.28.12
location: my crafty space
eating: chili...lots of chili
drinking: diet coke...way too much diet coke
enjoying: spending family time today carving pumpkins
listening: to Taylor Swift's new album Red...really love it
wishing: I could do a Harry Potter marathon for Halloween...that would be cool
thinking: I should probably take some photos of my completed 30 Lists before nap time is over
making: a mess with misting today, but painted over it and now it's looking really cool
feeling: nervous/happy/excited about some upcoming projects you'll see soon
loving: twinkle lights...they just make me happy

my crafty play space + twinkle lights

you can check out Tina's currents at Life Love Paper here


  1. awesome post Annette!! I love the blog header and I'm thinking I may "borrow" your currents list for a quick blog post today!! Thanks!!

    1. thank you! of course you can use it! mine is inspired by Tina Azmus! :)