30 Lists | March 2013 Edition

Wanted to share my plans for 30 Lists coming again in March. Hello right around the corner! where did February go?

Last September I was looking for a fun, low stress, creative outlet and found 30 Lists to be perfect for me. A list a day. (I also added a photo). I simply went to my local bookstore and picked up a journal that looked good- picked out a Moleskine with graph paper. You can see my book here.

I wasn't sure I would do it this March; work has picked up for me and I'm honestly having a hard time keeping up with anything. But as I looked at my little journal from last September, I thought, "man, I dig this project!" So, I got some supplies I've been eyeing for a while and am trying to get ready for it.

The plan:  do what works. See a trend here? I'm not going to put the stress on myself to come up with a whole new plan. I really love my September book so I'm going that road again. Also going to try to add a few new elements/textures to it. We'll see.

I am already planning on calling it 30 Lists | Spring 2013. That way I'm not stressed about keeping it to just March. I can spread it out if I want to. I'm not pre-stamping the dates this year so I can add the date when I actually get to the list.

Still planning to do the "polaroids" through the iMac app  Instant. It's also on the iPhone now, so I'm thinking about getting it to play around. This project absolutely does not need a photo. Simply a list is all you need. But a photo can add a fun touch, so if it works for you then have fun with it! Instagrams, Instax, etc would be really cool too.

So here's a peek at my supplies this year. Using a hand-stitched moleskine with graph paper made by the awesome Elizabeth Rosemond. You can find here shop Handmade Modern on Etsy here. (I couldn't help myself and also picked up a Be Mine journal to do a project for my husband--these are really cute journals and the stitching it just beautiful).

New to 30 Lists? Check it out here. Only $8 to join and you get the prompts now or can get them daily in March if you want to be surprised. Also it's fun to share on Instagram. Use hashtag #30lists

Looking for a blank moleskine? Here's a link from Amazon for a pack of 3. (affilitate link where possible)


  1. Cool idea!! Love your 30 lists posts!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Annette, after reading this post, I went and signed up! I loved this project when you introduced it to me back in December and it remains one of my fave books to look back on, so thank you. And now, I am anticipating this class too! Love your journal and cannot wait to see what you do with it. Blessings.

    1. That is so awesome!! Very excited about that. Adore your December Daily in lists and if I can figure it out I'm thinking I'm going to try stitching the labels in like you did!! I got a sewing machine but haven't had the time to figure it out yet!! Can't wait to see what you do! And yes, I love the journal--Elizabeth's work is fantastic!

  3. You know I'm loving every single bit of this!!!! You need to get out that sewing machine. You can do it!! We won't even talk about the Cameo. LOL!