10 on the 10th: October Edition: Projects a Brewing

Decided to join in the party with the 10 on the 10th. Wanted to take pictures of all my projects brewing. Initially thought I would skip it, since a long work day didn't allow for that, but I think just getting it down can help. So I made a quick list and realized I had 15 or so projects actually brewing! No wonder I never finish things! So here are my top ten (what I'm working on right now)

  1. Summer mini album--became more of a scrapbook on the road travel album which is cool. And I am so close to being done it is crazy awesome.
  2. Autumn mini album--have cut the papers and have been taking pics with my iPhone. Planning on lots of instagrams of pumpkins and the like. The potential on this one makes me happy.
  3. Project Life--want to finish my vacation section. Am doing it in chunks on whatever I want to sorta loosely by month. Mostly I have stored memorabilia in it.
  4. Words to Live By- mini album from BPC Big Idea Festival. So want to finish it just because looking at what I have done really makes me happy.
  5. Smashbook Me: A to Z project. This weekend I added some items to P: like planners, playlists, places. I only got the design of the project done in the class by Cathy Z at BPC, and for some reason doing it "Smash Style" has lightened me up and I'm really having fun with it.
  6. Maggie's Journal--using the Ditto line by Hampton Arts. Fun way to capture little things she does each day. And yes, I really need to get some photos added to it! I love journaling in books like this but never get around to adding the photos!
  7. Gratitude Journal--just bought a little gratitude journal from Compendium and absolutely love it. I just write down little things I am grateful for each day on the left side of the page and am leaving the right side blank--hoping to add a photo or patterned paper or art journaling, something like that. Problem is one again--printing and adding the photos when they are odd sized! That takes time to upload and crop. Maybe I should look into Prinstagram? Is that what it's called?
  8. Week in the Life 2011--this project has so much potential to be totally cool. Just need to put it all together.
  9. A project I hope to do is alter the You and Me book by Compendium. Saw that there was a class on this at BPC so I ordered the book. Now I just need to take the class and get it done. Hoping this will be a Christmas present for my husband.
  10. I have a few 7 Gypsies artist trays. Finished one- using the kit from Archivers. Then I made one for the first year for my daughter. Just lacking two photos or it would be so lovely. Again, there is the trend with the lack of the photos. And yes, I am a third year alumni of Library of Memories! lol It's just finding the time to do it. Anyways, I just got another tray with my 30% off coupon and am planning a vacation one for our trip this year. The bonus: photos are printed and waiting for me in their happy little photo box. Here is my almost finished project:

So there it is, my projects just brewing away, taking their time. Just percolating along. And that's totally okay with me. It's the doing it in bits and pieces that makes me happy. The key for me is to remember: No stress--just happy memories and creative "me" time. The almost done summer mini:

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  1. What a busy scrapper! Saying "hi" from Shimelle's blog as I just joined in 10 on the 10th for the first time. I love your artist tray...I have yet to make one though.

  2. Wow, that is a lot to juggle, but all fun projects! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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