Ella Boot Camp: Urban Look

Here is my first attempt at the urban look. I got bold and had my husband snap a few shots of me while I was taking some photos of my daughter. I'm not sure about this one. Maybe just self conscious, but I feel like I am too yellow. Or maybe I'm just "glowing"! I do think it toned down the redness from the first photo. Oh, and can you tell I did the eye brightening! Go me! Anyways, It would be interesting to run her action on it and compare. (love Maggie's actions and they work in PSE6). So I am sure I will be playing with this more.

And here it is by itself- the urban look Nettie! I do think I like it better when I see it by itself.

Alright! I did all three of the photo challenges, and I learned some awesome techniques. Maybe I won't rely so much on actions! And I am hoping to finish up the other challenges when I have time. For now, I will leave you with a challenge of my own: be bold and hand off the camera. Get in front of the lens for a change. You just might like it! (And even if you don't I know your loved ones will!)

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