Move More Eat Well 2012

Okay, so I am working on December Daily. I've been taking a few photos each day and also jotting some ideas for each day on a sticky note and just putting that in my book for now.

Then today I remembered there was a One Little Word chat with Ali and luckily I was home! So I logged in and was totally inspired to get back on track and commit to a few things.

First, I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about taking Cathy Z's class Move More, Eat Well. This is an area I obviously need to improve. Is this the year? I vote yes! So I'm in. Now just need to go shopping for some new shoes!

Second, this year was very helpful with my One Little Word, Focus. I definitely needed it and have made some great changes because of it. I had put off registering for 2012 but no longer! I am in and actively pondering my 2012 word. I have a few front runners. I will probably choose one main word and maybe have a little "secret" word that is there in the background. That's kind of what I did this year. But I must say the main word had the most impact.

Happy that I am thinking about these now. I have a feeling December is going to fly! Now back to that other project!

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  1. yes yes! def LOVING that sign!!!