Nothing really cool to post right now except that December is zooming by. I am still on Day 1 of actually creating my December Daily album, and as Ali herself would say... "that is OK"!! So no berating myself, I have been working on it when I can. I have a feeling most of it will be iPhone photos with Instagrams and also a new app I found from a twitter feed-Diptic. Liking that I can play with more than 1 photo at a time and make a collage. I am hoping to get my photos and stories in order so I can work on them one day after Christmas. Like many others, with work and everything else, daily capturing + creating + uploading and sharing is just not an option for me. Truthfully I started to feel sad about it at first, like I was missing out on some big online sharing event, and you know what? There's just no point in that. I create for myself and for my family. And while it is really fun to share online and connect with others, I just have to say "Enough" and be happy with what I have captured and created for me and my family. I love what Stacy Julian calls it, the "Enough Quotient." So thank you to all who are able to create and share online. I admire all that you do and I am defnitiely inspired by your work. And to all those who create and don't share, know that there are probably lots of us in this boat, so keep on creating! And to those who think about creating I say awesome! I'm right there with ya! I really love this hobby and am thankful for realizing what I do and who I am is "Enough"

Now, back to playing on Instagram!

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