10 things that make me happy

Last night I was on a roll. Finally got some time to download a few items I wanted on Designer Digitals when I saw Cathy Zielske has a template out--her 100th! And it is called 100 things. Love love love Cathy's designs and you know what, I need this. We've been very stressed out and what better way to deal with stress than list the things that bring you happiness, love, joy, all that good stuff.

Okay, so instead of letting that template sit on my hard drive and collect cyber dust, I need to get started. 

Drumroll please.
  1. My family. 
  2. Naptimes that actually work.
  3. Cold fountain Diet Coke on snowman poo ice.
  4. Laughter. 
  5. My daughter feeding me cereal and squealing with laughter. Looking her in the eyes and laughing right back. Cherishing simple moments like that.
  6. Playing around with photos, words and paper. Capturing moments and emotions. Taking note of the little things.
  7. Learning. I love learning new things and love it when the results start to match the vision I had in the first place.
  8. The mountains. I really love the cool breezes of mountain air, the views, the sound of the quaking aspen leaves blowing in the wind. I love waking up and going for a hike. I think a trip to the mountains is calling me.
  9. Whole wheat pancakes with peanut butter and real maple syrup on top. And it has to be warm!
  10. The cool side of the pillow over my eyes at night. Taking time to rest.

Laughter. I love this. Blurry photo and all.

Cherishing moments with my girlie. Two binkies and all.

10 things is found on Shimelle's blog. People from all over share 10 things on the 10th of each month. Any 10 things. It's pretty cool what people share. I try to post when I can. Check it out here

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  1. What an awesome set of 10 things. I love blurry photos too - and having a 2 year old son a lot of them are blurry!! I love this happy list so much! Thanks for sharing!