A Day in the Life: the Me Edition part 2

Just a quick update to share my A Day in the Life template pages. I used this template from Ali Edwards on Designer Digitals. You can get it here. You can see my Part 1 here.

As you can see I used my iPhone for the pictures. Easy and fun. Captured the bed-head hair and all. 

I used this template to capture most of my day, mainly the getting ready and working hours, at least what I can share of it. Lots of time on the road. Trying to drink more water and less Diet Coke. Bathroom stops. I've been seeing lots of those cool arrow signs, so I pulled over to get a pic. More Sonic stops. Gas prices. The best hand-dryers ever. Photo of the gum I chew with my One Little Word on it. Coming home to my family is the best part. Love seeing her smiling face.

This is an 8.5 x 11 template and I just printed them at home and put them in a page protector back to back between my other two Project Life pocket pages. Here is a look at it all together.

The front of the template is on the right.

This is the second page of the template here on the left.

And finally, here are some glimpses of the daily sheet. You can get it here from Ali Edwards. It's an 8.5x11 sheet, one side has all the times of the day and space to write. The other side is divided into things like observations, overheard, favorite moment, etc. Loved using this.

So there it is. I love doing a project like this but sometimes it can be overwhelming. I just try to have fun with it and capture what I can, what I feel like at that moment. Seeing it all together has made me realize different things. Overall I am just thankful for my life and my family. Thankful to be me. Good to include ourselves in our scrapbooks.

I'm glad I did this and it has gotten me thinking about finishing my Week in the Life project because Ali will be doing it again this year in April. The dates she is doing it is April 23-29th but you can always do any week that works for you. I am going to try to do it. For more info on Ali's Day in the Life check here.

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