Hello Summer: A Bucket List

Hello summer 2012. This year I decided to play along with Ali Edwards and create a summer manifesto or a bucket list as I am doing. You can find out more about it here. She created an awesome digital template package and has made hers a mini book. I thought about it as I dearly adore mini books, but since I had these 6x6 pocket pages from Becky Higgins for my Project Life, and as I have had a really hard time "keeping up" even in my own modified mish mash version, I had an epiphany while driving the other day: just make it in my Project Life. 

Ahhh.... it just felt right. 

So here is a look. This is the beginning of volume 2. No, volume 1 isn't finished but it looks like it will be full by the end of May's pages. So this will begin June 2012.

Here is a look at my actual bucket list. I had seen this idea on Pinterest a while ago. You can find the link here. I'm writing actual things we are going to do this summer on the clothespins and attaching them to the bucket. Then when we complete it I can use the pin to organize any ephemera I collect, or I might make a banner out of them with Instagrams. We will see. 

Keeping it simple. No big vacation or road trip planned. We may do a day trip to a water park, but overall we are just enjoying the little things here. I put a few things on there to stretch us out of our comfort zones which is good. A few really easy but oh so joyful things to savor this season as well. 

Here's a look at the bucket I decided to use. Just a plain little bucket from Home Depot. Lots of possibilities for play and making memories this summer.

And this is just so fun I had to share. Aren't they just too cute together?

So what are your plans for the summer? Or winter for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere? 

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  1. Very cute idea!!
    Love the fact that you wrote your things
    on pins! That's so awesome!
    Good luck on the bucket list!!
    Enjoy your summer!!