- browsing on Kolo. thinking about ordering a photo book. maybe change the way i scrapbook
- procrastinating finishing paperwork
- thinking about downloading some new tunes to motivate me to finish paperwork.
- thinking maybe i should just go to bed and do it in the morning. probably too tired to think straight right now
- really wishing my glasses were fixed
- thinking how fun it was to be surprised by Maggie and Sam in Target tonight.
- planning our 4th of July celebrations in my head. hotdogs and watermelon are part of the equation
- happy with how the photo shoot with Sandi and Mike went. happy to capture some wonderful moments of a wonderful couple who we are lucky enough to call friends
- hoping everything will go well with them in their next adventure in life
- thankful for good friends and a wonderful husband
- thankful for hugs from my girl
- thankful for this life


  1. Sweet list. Changing scrapbooking, how? Completley digital? I couldn't do it, I like the paper & stamps & pens too much.

    1. ha ha! me too. i was in a funk that night, thinking about how I spend too much on stuff and then I don't have the time/system/whatever to actually finish projects/layouts, etc. I couldn't give it all up either, but I am thinking of adding photo books into my overall system somehow. I like Kolo because apparently you can just order a single page if you want and add to it (they are post bound). I am doing 31 things as a Kolo photo book to try it out and will update on the blog how it goes.