December Daily 2012 | Days One & Two

Hello December!

We started December 1st with everything from breakfast tacos, a Christmas Parade and Stroll (downtown street celebration), being with friends and meeting Santa! It was her first time meeting Santa and she did great. I was so proud of her. A little shy, but she gave him high fives and hook 'em horns. And she remembered to ask for what she wanted with a small cue. (she wants a sheep and something pink--have I mentioned how much I love this girl?) 

Last night we came home to meet our Elf on the Shelf. She quickly named her Cookie. Maybe we were all hungry, but I love it. She loves her Cookie the Elf and we found her this morning eating little Christmas cookies! So cute.

Not surprising, we all needed a lot of rest today. And I got some pages done during her nap.

Here's a look at my day one. Hard to choose just one story, so I decided to highlight the photo of meeting Santa and write down our bucket list, since we accomplished two of them and got started on three others! I traced some cookie cutters I have to make the stars. I'm thinking I'll try something like this inside the cover of my bucket list album. I also did a light spray of Mister Huey's Shine and the silver pen is a little bit glittery which is fun.

December 1: Hello Santa!
Excited to meet Santa and start of our bucket list.

Day 2: Just a little bit of magic. Wanted to highlight little Cookie the Elf. I started with the hearts and then added a few stars and a bit more. A little messy but I don't want the pressure for this journal to be perfect. Just having fun and adding a little magic here and there. (love that Kelly Purkey stamp too)

December 2: December Magic
Excited to find Cookie the Elf eating cookies

Also got a chance to work on a little bit of my Project Life for December. I had already printed these journal cards from Ali Edwards and added them in a Design F page protector from Becky Higgins. I just added the photos and journaling, along with the title, which is a download from Ali Edwards in the 25 Days class at Studio Calico. I recolored it red and printed it on vellum. Also added the mini stars with a little glue dot on the back. I may add some tiny confetti stars too when I finally dare to try my new sewing machine! (printing on vellum or transparencies is a fun way to add a see-through element, especially if you don't have a die-cut machine)

I'm kind of liking the Design F lately. I'm thinking of using it more in 2013. We'll see. For December I think I'll end up with a Design A on the left of this, then there are three Design F pages, and another Design A. I've already started a Design G as an insert about yesterday's adventures.

December Daily in Project Life using Ali Edwards journal cards

Finally, I wanted to share a peek of my other project, the bucket list mini album in a 6x8 Studio Calico Handbook. I'm doing 12 things here, and probably Christmas Eve and Day. Really loving Liz Tamanaha's templates (Paislee Press). I'm using a mix of hers and Ali's 6x8 templates from this year, as well as various journal cards, etc. Hope to do a post about it soon.

It's awesome to see everyone's pages and albums and I'm excited to be able to share a bit today. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Wim seriously running out of ways to say how fabulous I think everything you make is!! Seriously wonderful and so so inspiring

    1. Thanks Linda! you are so amazing! Really appreciate your support and encouragement!!

  2. beautiful pages!! what is the # stamp you are using? I love number stamps but it seems sets are far and few between. I love the style of your work!! Happy December!!

    1. Thank you! Agree-hard to find good number stamps. These are from Ali's December Daily set last year. I'll add the link, I don't think they are available anymore. http://www.techniquetuesday.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=AE11DD&Category_Code=
      I used a set from Studio Calico in my last journal, also there is a set from 7 Gypsies that has a variety of numbers on it. Here's a set from Kelly Purkey that looks great too: http://www.simonsaysstamp.com/servlet/the-50900/december-daily-christmas-happy/Detail
      Hope that helps! And thanks again!

  3. I love the format of your pages for December - simple but full of interest too!

  4. Love it, love it, love it!
    I have not seen the Polaroid Maker for Mac, but I have been using Poladroid (check spelling) for a while now and love the results. Sigh.

  5. Um..yeah....why have I NOT thought about tracing cookie cutters. Wonderful idea!


  6. These are gorgeous, Annette! I'm a big fan of Design F as well.
    Ronnie xo

  7. I love your style and feel really inspired. Thanks for sharing!