Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

So in the style of Currents, here is my wish list right now:

wishing for my bags to be magically packed overnight. where did those house elves go?
wishing I could finish some little gifts for my family, and realizing only one of my siblings is actually going to get them this year.
wishing I could just relax and let it go.
wishing I was a better friend. so thankful to those who have gone out of their way to think of me.
wishing that I could re-live a few priceless childhood Christmas memories. like my sisters and I making funky cookies to pixie our friends and neighbors.
wishing I had a pensieve so I could do that!
wishing I had more time and energy to do Christmas activities with my family.
wishing I could create and blog more. trying to be okay with that too.
wishing for a present mind, to be mindful and awake, to enjoy the moments I have now.
wishing for peace, comfort and healing to those in need.
wishing for joy to you and yours

May your hearts be filled with light and wonder this season. See you next year!

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