Project Life® 2014 | Week 5

Hello week 5. Still loving this plan. Still just using the recipe of Collect App photos for my main left and right spread + inserts when I want or need them. This week needed only one small insert for our weekend adventures. 

Also kept the color scheme primarily the same with the main spread and the insert. Focusing on the minty green + gold along with a dark grey and black for contrast. Still loving the gold labels along with the gold hearts from Studio Calico. I am still subbing to their Project Life® kit and I really love it for the most part. Some cards are just not my style, but they usually have a grid card on the back of some that makes it work. Plus, with no more Archiver's close by, I need my fix somehow! Speaking of product accumulation, that's a story for another post, but you will be proud of me. I decided in March that I needed a break from the buying phase. So I did really really good and have only gotten the PL kit for the past two months. And I didn't buy anything else in March (I think!) I really did try to follow my spending freeze, although the new releases, etc made it really hard. In the end it was really good and helped in the midst of a crazy month.

But back to the main topic: my week 5! Here it is, the left side and right side. My title card, Maggie quote card and week in review card. Lots of little moments I probably would not capture anywhere except here.

And here's the small insert this week. I used a gold sharpie paint pen for the journaling. And if you look at the photo of my above, you may notice the round frame. I did that in an app that does round frames. I think it was A Beautiful Mess app, but there are others. I'll have to do a post about that. It was actually really simple and I kinda love how it turned out!

And by the way, we love Hat Creek Burger Company in Georgetown. So so good and they have a cool play area in the back. Really fun.

And that's it! Hope to be back with February soon. Take care! Let me know if you have any questions!


Project Life® is a simple approach to scrapbooking developed by Becky Higgins. For more information click here.

In January 2013, I found an iPhone app called Collect and began using it for my Project Life. To watch a video introducing how to use it, click here. To watch my video on exporting the photos to print, click here.

To join me, along with Elise Blaha Cripe and Megan Anderson, for three weeks of Project Life inspiration in our class Project Life Lessons at Big Picture Classes, click here. Would love to have you join us and would love to help you develop an approach that works for you.


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to express my love for your style. Your PL spreads are so beautiful! Glad I found your pages as an inspiration.

  2. No matter what you're documenting, the result is always so dreamy. Lovely spread, Annette!

  3. Ok, I give up. Did you make that mint colored "When you love what you have..." quote card, or is it from a kit/collection? Its one of my favorite quotes and I've searched everywhere for it. On another note, I love your Project Life spreads and Instagram feed - lovely layouts and great photos. Thank you Annette, for sharing them with us.

    1. Hey Lori!! That's for checking! I looked and I'm quite certain it's from the Blush kit. I know, I was surprised myself--I wasn't thinking that the aqua color is in that kit but it looks like it! I think it's a really light blue. You can check out the card design reference pdf on digitalprojectlife.com http://www.digitalprojectlife.com/pages/card-design-reference-pdfs

      And thank you! I have a 3 month order for photos coming up so I'm going to play major catch up soon!

    2. Thank you so much Annette! I will definitely check out that website you mentioned. And I can't wait to see your 'catch-up'!