Studio Calico Sandlot Project Life Guest Designer | PL spread from May

Welcome back! Sharing my second layout for Studio Calico's Project Life® kit. The photos were taken in May, and as you can see, only two days of the week were featured in the spread. Sometimes I take a lot of one event, and that's ok! I love how this layout came together very quickly with the cards from the Sandlot kit + printables from Life Love Paper.

You can see my gallery on Studio Calico here.

First, the full two page left and right sided spread. Just doing what I do…Collect photos, filler cards, journaling cards and a little sprinkling of embellishments (the cute gold heart brad and the pink work strip stickers.) Continuing with my Maggie quote and week in review card as well to round out the stories.

The left side. On the currently card, I just added one of the printables from Life Love Paper, cut it out and added it to a white 3x4 card, then I hand wrote in some currently facts. (tip: really happy I had written down some of the regular going-on's in my calendar that week. Made it very easy to fill in the journaling this week. Note to self: even just bits and pieces of the week written down in my calendar makes it easy to do past "fill in the gaps" weeks.)

Closer look at the title card. Simply stamping the dates with a roller date stamp works well for me. (tip: I stamp the second date first to make sure I have room for both.)

I printed out the "made this" card and stamped the boxes with the stamp from the Repeat add on to make a recipe card. I just looked up the recipe on Pinterest and added it here. The "made by" is from the stamp from the main kit.

Right side. Documenting our trip to the library. The cards were just too perfect for this page! Really loved it. (Wishing I had photographed or at least written down what books we checked out, but at least I got some pics and am happy with how it turned out. Thank you, mobile phone!)

I added the "this is my today" from the stamp set from the Repeat add on as well. Great stamp set for adding bits like this to Project Life.

So there it is! Another simple spread. These fill the core of my album, and if I want to and have time, I can always add photos from my big camera as inserts. But for me, at least I have something and even better…something that I love!

Project Life® is a simplified memory keeping system designed by Becky Higgins with pockets and cards designed to make it simple. For more information, click here.


  1. love what you've done with the kit(s) and so happy for you being the guest designer.

  2. Wow!! Did not know we are practically neighbors!!! this is my 4 year of summer reading club at OUR library. My girls love the summer reading club there. We finally made it to the 2nd booklet!!!! YAY. I do project life and love photography as well. So happy on of my neighbors here at CP got choosen!!! Congrats!!

    1. that is so awesome!!! I'm thinking we'll get more into it next summer. They said it's a really good one. Great to hear you thought the same! That's cool you do PL!! very cool!

  3. Enjoying your PL and Collect app pages. Haven't printed any of my Collect 3x4 cards yet, but wondering if there is a way to save them without any date/title info? Right now I'm only pulling in 1-2 of my iPhone photos for day--would like to print the rest as plain 3x4 (either with Collect or without). Any ideas? Congrats on SC guest designer!

    1. Thanks Amy! If you export as photo only, you could probably print them at 4x4 or possibly bigger. If you like the polaroid look, Persnickety Prints has those as an option, and they don't have any date/text under them. I've ordered them and they are beautiful. Keep me posted! Would love to hear what you do!