Photo Walk | Shapes

One of the things on my summer bucket list was to do a photo walk. I was wanting an excuse to try out my new 85 mm 1.8 lens, plus I had never really done one. I wanted to push myself a little outside my comfort zone, but nothing too scary. So, I was inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe to just pick a theme and go for it. I also just picked a recipe in Rad Lab that I created and used that on all the photos, just to make them a little different and be able to play a bit with the results. So far I like it! I had fun on the walk, seeing different shapes and lines. 

I hope to do this again!


  1. How do you like the 85mm? Thinking of adding it to my collection :)

    1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the 85mm!! of course I am using a crop sensor so it's more like 135mm. So that takes some getting used to but it is super sharp and the bokeh is amazing. I only have a 50mm 1.8 and the kit lens besides this one. I debated on a wider angle, even the Tamron 18-50 2.8. But once I tried this out at the camera shop I knew I wanted it. It covers a focal length I don't currently have even though my kit lens isn't stellar "it'll do" for now. Anyways, you should totally get it. I love it. BTW--your photography is amazing!!