30 Lists Sept 2012 | Lists 1-8

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30 Lists Sept 2012, a set on Flickr.

This September I am doing a list-making and photo-taking project called 30 Lists. Actually it's designed to be 30 Lists you can do whenever you like, but I'm trying to do mine in September. One list a day. I am also adding a photo each day because I just love photos and wanted to play around with a Polaroid app on my Mac called Instant. You can read more about my set up process here.

Here's my project so far!

I signed up about two weeks before September and I was able to get access to all the prompts. I prepared the album ahead of time, with the prompt, and I also stamped the list number and the date. I also prepared some of the photos ahead of time to make it easier. Others I am leaving to that specific day as I wanted it to be taken on the actual day. I'm a good example of one who makes projects work for me. I hear that so many places. "Make it work for you." In a nutshell it just means there is no right and wrong with this kind of thing. Just have fun with it. I usually have some kind of vision in mind of the finished project and that guides me in my process. And for the record, this is the best I have ever kept up with any project. I'm usually one who finishes 6 months or more after! And that's okay! I let that kind of stress go. There is only so much time, so much creative energy. Do what you love and if you have time, share it. That's my motto. Anyways, you get the idea!

Below you can see today's prompt before I add the photo and list. It's one of those I wanted to wait until today to do. I also noted that it was on the weekend so I would have more time to take a photo.

And here you can see prompt 11. I whited it out in Photoshop Elements so I wouldn't give the prompt away for those who chose to get the prompt each day versus ahead of time. You can see this is one where I took the photo ahead of time. I think I need to do some more of these!

And here's a closer look at the back cover and the back inside cover.

If you have Instagram, you can follow me on there. I'm sharing each list each day. I hope to do a weekly post each weekend if I have time.

Overall I am LOVING this project!! I love seeing everyone's take on it. There are so many fun ways to approach it. I think even a list on random napkins or notepads added to a notebook or smash book would be so cool. Maybe I'll do that next time!

To find out more about 30 Lists, click here. I think you can still sign up!

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  1. Your book is looking good! Also, I really appreciate that you whited out the prompt for List 11. Not everyone is careful like that. Thanks!

  2. I love that you did this in a little notebook...how cute. Your design is beautiful. I've posted mine here: http://iwannabemewhenigrowup.blogspot.com/2012/09/30-lists-and-announcement.html.

  3. I love how you are doing your project. great job.

  4. Absolutely love your list book! I am big on making lists myself and like the idea of turning them into a mini book.