Right Now: Hello September

Right now  I find myself wanting to change. Simplify. Eat better. Move more.

Right now  I am cleaning up bits from various projects and am happy to be doing them. Trying to be at peace with not having the time to finish them all. Just enjoying them for what they are and being okay with that.

Right now  I am opening up my 30 Lists book and loving the simplicity. Excited about a new project for September. Excited I set it up already to keep it simple.

Right now  there are so many things on my wish list. This industry keeps making so many cool products with limited releases, etc. Makes for a frenzy it seems. Too many things I want but probably don't need.

Right now  I am really enjoying spending time with my daughter. I work outside the home and then I usually work quite a bit after hours to finish my work. I am grateful to have work but wish I had more time, or made better use of the time I have. If I don't blog a lot this is why.

Right now  I am happy I finished my summer bucket list! I am so happy I kept it simple. It's pretty much all that will be going into Project Life for this summer. Which I think is kinda cool. Less pressure is a good thing.

Right now  I find myself wanting to make plans to get out there, explore, see things. I'm quite a hermit actually. I like my woman cave scrap room. I like hanging out with my family and watching movies. Yet wouldn't I rather watch the movie of my own life? Have my own adventures? I hear myself saying, "Get out and explore." I'm thinking that might be my word for 2013. Either that or Move. That way my theme song could be "You've got to Move it, Move it!" and I can be inspired to move this body more as well as have fun.

Right now  is a good time to be. Hello September!

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  1. I honestly could have written this blog post. EVERY SINGLE WORD (yes, even the hermit part!).
    I'm thankful for Instagram because you continue to inspire me every day :)