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Playing along with Ali Edwards today. She issued a challenge to do a "right now" post today. It's been fun to see what others are up to and it's a great way to capture a bit of yourself in the process. It's cool because I looked back and realized I had done one of these at the first of September. Cool to see common threads and differences in just a month.

Here's my Right Now:

Working on finishing my regular work so I can finish a project I'm excited to be a part of soon.

Listening to my husband sleeping in the other room and the occasional "ding" from my iPad telling me I have a new email.

Stressing about finishing work and projects and especially Sam's big test tomorrow. We are nearing the big day where we find out if the past 3 1/2 years are going to be worth it. Needless to say we are both stressed but happy to be finally finding out what our next steps will be.

Wondering why I never downloaded Picasa before today. It makes photo collages crazy fast!

Planning what my attack plan will be tomorrow. I have the day off and need to be super productive. Maybe stay off Pinterest for starters?

Buying scrapping supplies. it's Reveal day at Studio Calico. Need I say more? I'm so excited I got the Ready Set Go date stamp. I'm doing the date stamp song in my head. Really crazy that I get so excited for such little things.

Eating a protein bar called thinkThin brownie something. It's not too bad. Good energy boost. for dinner tonight I had crispy chicken strips on a salad. Yum. And I finished off the last of the Oreo blast from Sonic too. Have been doing good at bringing my lunch most of the days this week.

Wishing the big pile of laundry would take care of itself.

Celebrating that I finished my Summer 2012 Bucket List. Will share more about that soon. I was really hoping to finish before it began to feel like fall around here.

glimpses of me: 9-24-12

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